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December 22nd, 2015

Return to Nature—Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore 42mm

14In 2014 SIHH, Audemars Pigeut released some impressive watches just like it did before. In the past year, Audemars Pigeut focused on their symbolic Jumbo (which celebrated its 40 anniversary in 2012) or some other grand complication watches, such as Jules Audemars Toubillon. But in this year, the whole attention was put on Royal Oak Offshore this best replica watches

Sure the first Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Osshore is by no means a big watch according today’s standards, as it has a medium case of 42mm, but back in 1993 it was definitely a big monster. It has a solid and thick case and metal bracelet that make it gains popularity. In the past 20 years, Roo series has increasing sizes and new styles. Therefore it can stands for itself. It is so big that some people thought that it is not good for wrist, but still for those who love Roo, it is kid of religious thing that have certain connection to it. Roo has many varieties, such as Musician edition, actor’s edition and sport edition, and professional edition, like diver rolex replica watches.

Audemars Pigeut made minor change to colors and make it look more elegant. Round patterns on the small dial gives an extra texture. The hands on the new Roo are dimensional and looks brighter.

Now let’s turn to the case, and you will see the obvious difference: sapphire case back. This see-through case back makes it possible to carefully appreciate on the stunning 3126 movement which has a rotor made of 22 carat yellow gold and has classic AP branded on it. The new Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore has 6 editions, including 4 steel edition and 2 rose gold edition. All editions have black ceramic buttons. Rose gold edition has two choices for you in choosing strap: a black alligator belt or a bracelet of rose gold.

December 8th, 2015

Cartier Replica Watches

1Celestial type the tourbillon carbon crystal wrist watch carries with the 9460 MC movement. This movement with carbon crystal make the tourbillon watch bridge, escapement fork and the escape wheel, while the axis of escapement is made of tungsten carbide material. Improve the operational efficiency through material selection to make the escapement part can achieve without calibration and without lubrication.

The next generation of wrist watch of the high-tech combination

Cartier starting in 2007, successively published ID1 and ID2 concept watches and has created many watch making industry new field of vision, for the first time using niobium titanium alloy as escapement, microcrystalline glass (Zerodur) balance spring, ADLC drill carbon coated, carbon crystal escapement… In an attempt to pursue next generation wristwatches without calibration and also do not need to use the lubricating oil. The celestial type tourbillon carbon crystal wrist watch is the product combining the celestial tourbillon launched in 2010 with the research achievements of ID1 and ID2.

The tourbillon celestial body type

The most attractive feature of this celestial type the tourbillon carbon crystal wrist watch is its tourbillon mechanism of course! The tourbillon mechanism runs around axis which is quite interesting. Actually, there is no change on the basic framework of the tourbillion and only new tooth car and connecting rod are added let the tourbillon frame run around the axis.

Double-layer structure increased administrative levels feeling of the cartier women’s watches replica.

Watch types of replica cartier watches uk features special dial which is divided into two layers. The upper is the minute hand and hour hand, the lower is the tourbillon. This configuration is quite reasonable. Every minute speed in a circle to let the whole tourbillon framework can be used as a second hand. In very simple saying but it’s hard to make. The tourbillon itself has been in rotation, and the whole mechanism runs in another plane. Stability, weight, speed, and even the structure of the tolerance, all of these are testing for the production technology.