Bell & Ross Launched BR 03 Watch

Bell and Ross replica

Bell and Ross replica

For both industry professionals and car fans, International Automobile Festival is the event in the field of automotive design. In 2015, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the international auto section, the Swiss famous watch-making brand Bell & Ross specially introduces the Anniversary memorable watch to celebrate, with the set limit to 30, and it is going to be released at the upcoming car festival.

Bell and Ross replica watches perfectly fused the Swiss professional technology, innovative design, and cutting-edge technology together, in adherence to the four principles of clear display, excellent function, accurate measuring line and stable performance, and it is really trustworthy professional equipment, which can satisfy the operational needs of the professional and the troops under the extremely harsh condition, and now it has become a watchmaking banner in the field of high-tech and military watches. Benefiting for common passion in innovative concept and precision machinery, in 2008, bell and Ross establishing an innovative partnership with international automobile section, which is flourishing until  today.

International auto festival is held annually, for fans and those professionals who love car design, through 30 years of development, now has become an annual event in the fields of cars and design. International auto section was founded in 1986, and it appeared for the first time under the leading of Rémi Depoix in France Chamonix. Since its foundation, its positioning and the development direction is very clear at the beginning: highlighting the automobile manufacture artistic charm, creating a unique “fashion week for auto design”.

On the opening ceremony, the conference will be selected by special jury, and it will issue a dozen awards to the elite in the car area and the car factory. During January 28th to February 1st in 2015, international auto festival will showcase the world’s most attractive concept models, to renewed the enthusiasm of the car design enthusiasts.